Editorial Policies

Degel: The Journal of the Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studieshas the following editorial policies. Please carefully read and follow these policies beforesubmitting your paper.
All authors must indicate their current institutional affiliation.If an author is not affiliated to any institution, he or she is required to state his or her independent status. 2. Authorship
Names of all authors must be listed on an article.  Authors listed on a papersubmitted to the journal must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Made a significant contribution to the research work reported. This implies that he or she must have drafted or written the article or its part, or critically reviewed or revised it.
  • Agree to take responsibility for the contents of the article.
  •   3. Citations
    All articles submitted to the journal must cite relevant and verified literature to support the claims or argument they made in the article. An author should ensure that all the references he or she cited are relevant and provide a fair and/or balanced overview of the state of research done on the topic. Research works that are more than Fifty years (50) old should not be cited unless if such works are considered to be classic. 4. Images and Figures
    An author is expected to use only use images and figures (in his or her article) that are relevant and valuable to the research work reported. Permission must be sought before using images and other materials that are held in copyright by a third party. 5. Peer review
    Articles published in Degelundergo double-blind peer review. Comments from two peer reviewers are required to ensure complete assessment of an article. 6. Plagiarism
    Degeltakes the issue of plagiarism seriously. Plagiarism occurs when an author takes the work of others as present it as his or hers without proper acknowledgment. Authors are required to ensure that they cite their sources appropriately. 7. Language Editing
    Before submitting your manuscript to Degel, please consider having it proofread. Both United Kingdom and United States varieties of English are accepted.Papers in Hausa language should be in either Rabiat Muhammad or Abdallah font. 8. Standards of reporting
    Research should be reported in a way that supports reproducibility and verification.