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Title :

The Relevance of Aroko as a Communication Device among the Yoruba Native Speakers of Nigeria

Authors :

Sidikat Abdulrahman Ashafa

Traditional communication existed before the advent of modern means of Mass Communication in most African societies. The indigenous people in various African communities carried out all the functions of mass communication such as information, education, entertainment, enlightenment, surveillance etc in their domains though, on a limited scale. Aroko, a non verbal communication technology in Yoruba, is a language of the elite (more especially the royal and spiritual educated class of the society.) The study of Aroko revealed that the Yoruba are very rich in cultural values that are worthy of contemporary scholarship. These values constitute part of Yoruba contributions to world civilization for decades. Though, Aroko is still relevant among the Yoruba as impressively suggested by available evidences. This paper examines the different forms of Aroko such as Aroko on landed property, social interaction, beads, beating of drum and death. Finally, the paper discusses its significance, especially in the dissemination of information, preservation of culture, as well as inculcation of moral values among the young generation.