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Title :

La traduction scienti?que et technique : cas de textes traduits et commentés sur l'élevage en Afrique subsaharienne.

Authors :

Dinatu (Mrs), Iwala

The importance of translation cannot be overemphasized. In other for translation to help in agricultural development, it must play its role. For translation to play its role development what role can it play in agricultural development? Should it be an instrument or an agent of development? In whatever angle translation is examined, it plays an important role in our coexistence. This article analyses, translation of a document from developmental project of animal husbandry in Sub Saharan Africa. The project is initiated by France for Nigeria. In the context of technical cooperation, the developed countries conceived the idea of helping the developing countries. The policy is targeted to benefit the developing countries. This translation can be of interest to academicians, that is, it can be studied and criticized by researchers pinpointing its relevance to the theories put in place. If at all translation wants to be a stepping stone to development, it is indeed in that context. Nigeria and France signed memoranda of understanding on agricultural development which comprises of animal husbandry through a project titled 'Fadama'. This article compares the text in its original form and the translated version. The original text is in French while the translated version is in English. This research aims at identifying the strong and weak points