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Title :

Inconsistencies in Hausa Digraphs: Implications for Corpus Planning

Authors :

Clifford Irikefe Gbeyonron

Hausa is a well-developed language. Formal and non-formal corpus planning has engendered the availability of Hausa orthography. Thus, Hausa alphabets in 'ajami' and 'boko' forms abound. Of interest in this study is the digraph of the 'boko' form of written Hausa and the consistencies therein. Relying on the theory postulated by Williamson (1984), it was found that the digraphs 'sh' and 'ts' are inconsistent with the other 'digraphs' in the language when considered from their phonological realizations. In consequence, it is recommended that the 'monographic' form of 'sh' and 'ts' as found in 'ajami' should be adopted. In order to achieve this, some plausible alphabets that could represent 'sh' and 'ts' are presented. These could be considered by corpus planners for adoption or adaptation.