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Title :

Bourgeoisieism in Hausa Society: Examples from Tatsuniyar ta-kitse

Authors :

Abdullahi Balarabe

The concept of bourgeoisieism relates to societal economic and political cultures. Those members of society who own and control the mode of production are among the bourgeoisie. They are opposed by the workers, who own relatively li?le and who form the proletariat. The bourgeoisie not only own most of the property in a given society, but also control the ideas of the proletariat. The present study aims at examining the bourgeoisie theory in Hausa society. The focal point is however, a genre of Hausa orature, tatsuniya. The tatsuniya (folktale) entitled Tatuniyar Ta?kitse is the main corpus for analysis. The paper is able to discover that those in the bourgeoisie class are the only privileged few. They coerce the lumpen proletariat, as the said corpus is able to thus exemplify how the Sarki seizes the bull cum Ta?kitse from Tsohuwa for his personal consumption, in the case of the bull and marriage as the young and beautiful wife in Ta?kitse's case.