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Title :

Participation for Sustainable Development through Fadama Development Project Implementation: The Nigerian Experience

Authors :

Ibrahim Mudi Kurfi

This paper intends to highlight the importance or relevance of participatory approach in the implementation of government projects, especially those that are targeted at the rural people for sustainable development goals, especially through bo?om?up approach or the Community?Driven Development (CDD) implementation strategy. The paper made use of mainly secondary data, which was sourced from books, articles, journals, etc. The findings showed that there is relationship between Community?s Driven Development and effective implementation of the project. It was also found that there was the problem of political interference in the selection of the group members (participants) of the associations' because of the benefits of the projects. The research recommends that to enhance the success of future projects, the government should no longer interfere with activities of such projects, especially formation and membership (participants) of the associations. There should also be early distribution of fertilizer to the beneficiaries in order for them to apply the commodity at the right _me and that future projects should provide for financial loan facilities to the beneficiaries in order to boost their assets acquisition capacity.