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Title :

The E?ect of Mentoring on the Career/Performance of Probationary Lecturing Sta? in Higher Institutions of Learning

Authors :

Balogun Sarah

This paper examines the concept of academic mentoring and how it can go a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of newly recruited teaching staff in tertiary institutions as well as discuss the importance of this concept on the institution, the mentor and the mentee. The challenges of mentoring programmes are discussed and recommendations were given as a way forward to sustaining this laudable programme. It is recommended that formal mentoring programmes should be introduced in all departments of every tertiary institution and this should be made mandatory to all probationary staff by the department Heads. It is also recommended that faculty and departmental Heads give proper a?ention to the mentoring programme by monitoring the activities of the mentors as well as the mentees to achieve the goals for which the programme was set up, peer mentoring is also recommended as a form of mentoring that can have a vast advantage to the mentoring programme and the paper concludes by encouraging probationary staff to take full advantage of the mentoring programme for self?development.