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Title :

Security and Integration: The Case of Ilorin Emirate in the Pre-Colonial Period

Authors :

Zakariya, S. Sambo

The anatomy of the formation of the emirate of Ilorin was actualised in the migration, settlement and integration of the diverse peoples that made up the emirate. The processes involved in the migration and settlement of the peoples were hinged on security considerations akin to the realist paradigm. This was perfected out by the rulers of the emirate somehow on the realist belief that to maximise power, power has to be secured first. For each ethnic group that was accommodated by the authorities in the emirate, a security assignment has to be entrusted to it; and for each of the ethnic group settled, a process of accelerated integration had to be put in place by the authorities. This paper, therefore, analyses the connection between security considerations in the settlement of immigrant communittes in Ilorin in the 19th century and the enhancement of integration of the people into the society.