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Title :

Empowerment for Change: The Sewa Participatory Video Strategy

Authors :

Emmanuel Jegede

There is increasing consciousness in the present day world of the need to demystify media use at the small?community level so that people can present their problems and explore possible solutions in the context of realities of their situations. The desire to demystify the media basically rests on the fact that ordinary people should have access to and be able to use media for developmental significance. Most mainstream communication media are urban? based and are fraught with limitations based on their ideology, cost, structure of ownership and control, high level of professionalism, bureaucratic nature and vertical structure. Alternative media can create conditions for marginalised people to have their own voices/access so as to promote development in Nigeria. They have the potentials to enhance the opportunities for the wider enjoyment of freedom of expression and make real the realization of media pluralism. In view of the foregoing, using SEWA as an experiment, this paper critically examines the role of participatory video (PV) in development. The paper strongly believes that a community of people can derive strength, confidence and interaction to solve their own problems, and therefore, argues that video is one of the most suitable participatory communication tools for generating wider participation for sustainable development.