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Title :

A Borrowing Scenario: A Case Study of Yoruba and Hausa Languages

Authors :

Sidikat Abdulrahman Ashafa and Shehu Usman Bello

Borrowing is an important source of language change. It has to do with adding new items to a language or dialects, by taking one or some items from another language or dialect either direct or indirect. Speakers of a language may come in contact with another language or dialect for different reasons that may range from religions to political; especially, where the speaker of a particular language does not have a word available for a particular item whereas the other language does. This is the reason why almost all languages of the world borrow for specific reasons when in contact with one another. However, since no language has all the words to deal with her needs or requirements, Hausa and Yoruba languages are no exception. They borrow words interchangeably from one another. This paper intends to discuss bilingualism as an aspect of language contact phenomenon, the interdependency of languages i.e Yoruba and Hausa languages, the concept of lexical borrowing, types of borrowing and also the lexical words that appeared to have been borrowed by the two said languages.