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Title :

Kenneth Onwuka Dike?s Contributions to the Evolution of West African Historiography

Authors :

M. S. Dangusau

This paper is aimed at exploring the contributions of Kenneth Onwuka Dike towards the development of West African historiography. Although European historians and historical writers considered the beginning of West African history with the intervention of Europeans in the region, from the 15th century onwards, K.O. Dike, more than most of his contemporaries such as E. J. Alagoa and Ade Ajayi, among others contributed immensely in debunking the notion that West Africa has no history other than such history centered around the activities of European colonial masters. This paper examines the emergence of West African historians, notably K. O. Dike who, not only debunked the Eurocentric view, but also led to a decolonization of the study of West African History.