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Title :

Scramble for and Partition of Africa: The Political Economy of European Race to Nikki in Borgu

Authors :

Salihu Mohammed Niworu

This article is an improved version of the paper presented at the maiden conference of 2015 Borgu Gani Durbar Festival. The festival started with the reinvention of the race to Nikki in Benin Republic after one hundred and twenty (120) years of European invasion of Borgu. The 2015 race was an attempt to re-unite the people of Borgu with their kinsmen separated by colonialism. Colonialism is a sustained subjugation of all facets of a given political economy across the world. The exploration and exploitation of the resources of the Caribbean both human and material in about 1492 to the benefit of the Europeans with Spain taking the lead is the same with the exploitation of the resources of African continent to the benefit of the Europeans. In popularizing the Darwinist theory of evolution, the white racist saw colonialism as the battle for human survival where the whites are able to survive and adapt than the blacks, which can be seen in how they developed their own societies and also extended their control to other parts of the world. Apparently, the paper through content analysis saw colonialism having similar objective, the objective of exploiting one part for the development of another. However, Africa can still learn the positive virtues of Nationalism, prudent management of resources, and sincerity deployed by the colonial lords for the benefit of their home countries.