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Title :

Further Remarks on the Introduction and Challenges of Western Education in Gwadabawa District from 1924 to 1976

Authors :

Nura Bello & Murtala Marafa

Western system of education came to Gwadabawa in 1924, while Islamic education has been in existence for over a century. The ideological incompatibilities between the Islamic and Western education made the people of Gwadabawa to initially oppose the Europeans together with their system of education. They considered Western Education as a means of introducing western culture or Christian life style. This was the fundamental issue that accounted for the peoples' apathy towards the new education system in the area. This paper attempts to examine the process involved in the introduction of western education in the area. Effort was also made in identifying from the onset of the system in 1924 in Gwadabawa to the post-colonial era in 1976 with the creation of Gwadabawa Local Government Area as well as the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE). The paper also critically analyzes some of the challenges associated with the system in the District. At the end, we argue that the District failed to record remarkable achievement in spite of the fact that the system was introduced to the area earlier than most of the surrounding Districts under the Sokoto State.