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Title :

The Dimensions of Law and Administration of Justice in the Satiric Folklore of Amadu Dan Matawalle

Authors :

Mu?awiya Dahiru Mahmud & Yahya Idris

Amadu Dan Matawalle sings between illusion and reality. Yet, the popularity of his songs is evidenced by the fact that they were being played in all the radio stations of the Hausa speaking states in Nigeria. Remarkably, the songster presents us with a world that is double in nature. His songs speak of humorous folk story of animals with human personality. Beyond the brilliantly executed stories, however, there lie valuable historical, social, artistic and legal lessons to be learnt. Using the literary technique of satire, he discusses some legal norms and some problems that are worrying the legal institution. This paper appraise the literary quality and the ?fun? within one of the songster?s song while at the same time evaluating the comical incision of the song on some prevailing socio-legal problems. Thus, beyond the comedy in the song, this paper shows that Dan Matawalle?s song is not just an audible art for art?s sake but a fantastically educating piece. The overall object of the paper is to see the extent of using folklore and literature as gateway to sociolegal problems of the society.