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Title :

Durbawa and Wangarawa Dynasties: The Emergence of Unguwanni in Birnin Katsina, 1200-1649 AD

Authors :

Lawan Abdu?Allah Isa

Instead of looking at the history of Katsina through the study of its monarchs, which is top bottom approach, The paper looks at history of Katsina through the history of unguwanni (wards), which is a bottom-top approach.Any discussion of the unguwanni is a study of the people who resided in them and their activities which made the city of Katsina to develop into a prosperous ancient Hausa State. However, the study of the reigns of the rulers of Durbawa and Wangarawa dynasties are brought to light because of the conducive atmosphere they provided, which made Birnin Katsina to attain to its highest glories.