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Title :

The Settlement and Integration of Jos-Plateau Migrant Community in Sokoto Metropolis in the 20th Century

Authors :

Dele John Olu & Yasin Abubakar

No history of any Nigerian ethnic or tribal group can be treated in isolation of the others. It is neither possible nor realistic for any community to ignore its neighbors. In fact, the economic and political survival of a community depends on the mutual relationship that it has with its neighbors. Inter-group relations, thus, imply cooperation between different ethnic groups. This paper aimed at examining the various factors such as: Hausa language, inter-ethnic marriages and Islamic religion that engendered the integration of the Plateau settlers in Sokoto metropolis during the 20th Century. Using both primary and secondary sources, the paper discusses the economic and social factors for the movement of Jos Plateau migrants to Sokoto metropolis.This is in addition to the formation of Plateau community in Sokoto. It is the conclusion of this paper that the Jos-Plateau migrants have been coexisting peacefully and to a very large extend became integrated into the host community. The study, serves as a call and a lesson to other tribes of Jos-Plateau who are at home to know how their own people in Diaspora are being treated so that they learn to live others who chose to settle with them in peace and harmony.