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Title :

The Sub-cortical Pathways of Language Areas in the Brain: Their Implication to English Language Teaching and Learning

Authors :

Bello Danladi Dogondaji

Language can be studied in a number of ways- as a corpus of data in Descriptive linguistics, as an abstract system of knowledge in Theoretical linguistics, as a social phenomenon in Sociolinguistics and as psychological issue in Psycholinguistics. This paper therefore is specifically on cognitive aspect of language. It argues that apart from the connection between Wernike?s area and Broca?s area, there are other areas of the brain involved in language processing. It further observes that damage to Wernicke?s area and Broca?s area could result to speech comprehension problem and extreme difficulty in speech production respectively. Similarly the processing of meaning especially in dialogue or reading exercise is made possible through the arcuate fasciculus which is located around the Wernike?s axis. The paper also cites three cases of students with one or two of the identified problems in the English class and observes that with constant practice and extra efforts such learners could learn and comprehend meaningfully and produce error free speech. The paper then calls on all stakeholders in English language teaching and learning to be conversant with these roles in order to guide learners with speech or comprehension defect.