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Title :

Aspects of Archaeology of the 19th Century Jihad: Some Evidence from Tirwun Site near Bauchi, Nigeria

Authors :

Abubakar Sule Sani

Historical sources have, for so long, been reinterpreting the socio-political relationships of Sahelian people during the medieval period. The early 19th century Jihad of Uthman Ibn Fodio greatly modified the social arrangement and the accompanying political structures tenable in the region. The transformation that came with the revival has far reaching implications in the growth and development of settlements as symbols of complex social readjustments. The emergence of Bauchi city from an incipient Tirwun is a direct effect of the Jihad. This paper attempts to explore a landscape archaeological exploration of the birth place of the trusted commander of Ibn Fodio movement around Kasar Bauchi and to give direction for future interdisciplinary researches, capable of improving our understanding of societies that lived around the last 300years and the subsequent impact of islamisation process on material nature of settlements and lifestyles in northern Nigeria.