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Title :

Pax Nigeriana Project: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Authors :

Aghalino, S. O. , ABOYEJI Adeniyi Justus

Nigeria is generally perceived as a big brother in Africa. By virtue of this, there is a belief in Nigeria?s manifest destiny to play leadership role in the West African sub-region in particular and Africa in general. This leadership role is taken as given when seen from the perspective of Nigeria?s credentials. Based on content analysis of secondary sources, this paper examines, among other things, issues, challenges and prospects of Nigeria?s quest for leadership in Africa. Nigeria?s quest for Pax Nigeriana, is viewed against the backdrop of her comparative advantages and challenges. We conclude that in spite of the rivalry being propelled by South Africa and other potential African countries, the balance of evidence seems to suggest that the prospects of Pax Nigeriana may be realisable.