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Title :

The Role Christian Missionaries in Colonial Administration in Northern Nigeria: A Study of Missions Management of Health Sector in Sokoto

Authors :

Labbo Abdullahi

This paper examines the place of Christian missionaries in the institutionalization and development of modern medical services in northern Nigeria with special reference to Sokoto Province. It is a historical study that seeks to analyse the role of missions in medical service delivery up to 1976. The findings of the study indicate that missionary medical services were not provided in the Province until after 1935 when missionary enterprises were allowed in the Muslim Emirates of northern Nigeria. The latency of missionary medical services was one of the major reasons for the tardy progress of modern medical services in the former Sokoto Province. However, after the missionary activities were allowed, the medical services provided by Governments and Native Authorities in the Province were augmented by a number of missionary medical institutions. Finally, the paper presents how missions used medical services as baits to catch the converts in the Province and a conclusion of all that has been said followed.