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Title :

Trends of Islamophobia in the 21st Century: The Western Media as Pathway

Authors :

Taufiq Abubakar Hussain

The coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims in the contemporary world is full of tense grief and sorrow. The deep scar made against Muslim by the Crusaders luciferins and Masonic nations had thrown communities into confusion, chaos and had turned the friendship into an infinite fear and apprehensions. Islam is a friendly and peaceful religion that harbors all people from different background. The universal nature of its cause tends to accept all regardless of their socio economic backgrounds. It is a religion full of systems that cater for the lives of humanities. It left no cause of life but deal with it in totality. This had left other types of government who on the other hand compete with Islam to ignite hatred and attribute false denunciations, acrimonies and rebuke to Islam, thus, allowing other systems to thrive. This paper intends to use theoretical analysis of the causes of Islamophobia and discuss the methods used by the anti-Islam movements in the twenty first century. It also suggests approaches to curtailing that from Islamic perspectives. The main objective of the paper is correcting erroneous perceptions against Islam and promoting interreligious peaceful coexistence throughout the world.