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Title :

Nazari a kanTsawaita Wasali da Gajartashi a cikin Lafuzzan Hausa?

Authors :

Sale Maikanti

Hausa is a lingua Franca to a number of speakers in Northern Nigeria as well as parts of the Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Ghana. Historically, Hausa is from Afro-Asiatic language family. The language under study has certain linguistics features at different but specific phonological as well as in some syntactic environments simply because, every language has its own sets of sound system (consonants and vowels) peculiar to it for word or sentence formation and other communicative purposes. In the process of either word or sentence formation in a particular language, a number of things leading to breaking of rules governing that language happen. This paper sets to look at the phonological processes in Hausa taking into account the environments where vowel lengthening and vowel shortening occur in communication within the language. In conclusion, a number of recommendations have been made for the overall educational growth and formal language development in our continent.