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Title :

Al- Haninu fi al- Shi’ri al- Araby al- Nijery

Authors :

Ahmad J Abdulmalik

Arabic poetry is known with nostalgia. This is because the nomadic lifestyle of Bedouins in their desert which compelled them to roam around in search of grass and water for themselves and for their animals. This made them to cry on their deserted homes and their beloved therein. To express their feelings, they composed sensational and emotional poems in recall of the past life, describing its scenes and yearning for it. However, Nostalgia poetry developed in the hands of Spanish Arabs, where they evolved nostalgia of nature and the demolished towns. This type of poetry reached its peak in Arabic literature in the 19th century, during the Renaissance era by Arab emigrants to South America from Syria and Lebanon, as Mahjar and the Egyptians who were banished from their homeland because of their participation in the struggle against colonialism. Nostalgia poetry in Arabic is highly emotional, characterized with artistic features, portraying images of the mother country, its people and panorama as well as expressing one?s psychological tension. Nigerians also composed similar poems in Arabic language, especially during their study life outside their homeland. This paper, after a brief overview on the characteristics of Nostalgia poetry in Arabic, it studies artistic features of Nostalgia poems composed by Nigerians in Arabic language. The paper finally realizes that though the factors, which made Arabs to compose Nostalgia poems differ from those of Nigerians, the technical and artistic characteristics remained the same, as both compositions are geared towards portrayal of the poets? uneasy emotional state.