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Title :

Tribalism, Civic Culture and Political Integration in Nigeria: A Snapshot Some Evidence from Tirwun Site near Bauchi, Nigeria

Authors :

A. Adamu & F.S.O. Osaghae

The paper examines tribalism, civic culture and political integration in Nigeria. To achieve this, the paper commences with the analysis of tribes, civic-culture and political integration, also considered were the behavioral and reformative policies of the successive regimes in Nigeria such as war against indiscipline, change begins with me among others. Through the use of secondary sources of data collection and analysis, the paper argues that going by the 18 years of uninterrupted democratic experiment, Nigeria can also demystify the socio?political strategies inherent in the success of western philosophies. It ultimately concludes inter-alia that Nigerian government in particular and Nigerians in general should embark conscientiously on moral rearmament and adhere strictly to due process in the discharge of public and private businesses which are necessary to attaining and sustaining the status of cultural civilism. Theoretically, Ethnic mobilization/conflict theory which is a combination of reactive/defensive mobilization, the resource competition and dominant class?action theories also constitutes part of the discourse as a framework of analysis in this study.