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Title :

Communal Conflicts in the North Central States and Food Insecurity in Nigeria: The Chinese Ranching Model as an Antidote

Authors :

Odeh. E. L, Aghalino S. O. & Orji. B. I.

Nigeria is richly endowed with both human and vast natural resources with an estimated population of about 170 million people who need food for their daily survival. The favorable climatic and topographic conditions of the North central states of Benue, Nassarawa, Taraba and Plateau place them on a good position that can enable them to provide the much needed food for the entire country. The perceived poverty and food insecurity in Nigeria is not only as a result of a cumulative consequences of general failure of agricultural policies and implementation over time, but also resultant effect of the incessant communal conflicts and clashes mostly between the Fulani herdsmen and the host communities. The thrust of this paper is focused on the challenges these communal clashes portend for Nigeria in terms of food security and the various steps taken by the various governments to curtail these conflicts. This paper therefore attempts toproffer approaches to address the downward trends in agricultural production in Nigeria as a result of the various communal conflicts by mirroring the Chinese example, in order to reposition Nigerian agriculture as the pillar and bedrock of her general economic development and to ensure food security for every household in Nigeria