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Title :

The Political Economy of Border Markets in North-west Nigeria

Authors :

Abubakar Samaila

Border markets play important role in the economy of Nigeria. They are central places for both producers and consumers at the local scale. They provide business opportunities to small traders who exploit border differentials between twin cities/towns. As market places, border markets are intimately linked to the trade flows in raw materials, commodities and services that connect the globalized world. They serve as places of convergence for the transnational movements of goods and people. The sudden boom of border markets in Nigeria is attributed to economic and social changes in the country. The economic crises which the country faced since 1980s as well as the concomitant political and economic policies put in place to deal with them have undoubtedly accelerated the importation of goods across country?s international borders. Most of these border markets attract large concentration of trading communities and they are located in those regions where the trade has pre-colonial roots. The paper has tried to show that border markets are very important to national economy. Although they are geographically peripheral, border markets are economically pivotal and their development should be of great concern to policy makers in Nigeria.