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Title :

Religious Conflict and Peace Building in Nigeria: A Case of Christian-Muslim Dialogue Forum in Bussa, Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State, 1967-2017

Authors :

F. Achoba, A. Anakobe & M. L. Shuaibu

Religion in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and Middle East permeates the socio-economic and political life of the peoples. This is quite unlike the western world that places it in the compartment of its own, separating it from other aspects of their existence, especially after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire in the age that terminated in 1648. In Nigeria, there are three major religions, the African traditional religion, Christianity and Islam. But what makes the issue of religion very important in Nigeria and for this study, is the extent of the involvement of Christianity and Islam in the daily, socio-economic and political life of the peoples. In other words, there is a radical departure of these religious beliefs from the ordinary realm of worship, to active participation in all spheres of human endeavours. Religion therefore, threatens the corporate existence of our nation as a result of frequent religious conflicts that have for a while defiled permanent solution. Hence, the relationship between the three religions can be seen as a triangle of suspicion arising from different ideologies. But one common belief among them is the worship of the Almighty God, which supposed to serve as a nexus of unity, except for the misinterpretation of the Holy Books by some selfish scholars. This research thus, synergizes the need for unity among different religious bodies in Nigeria especially that of Christianity and Islam for peaceful coexistence which will enhance economic growth of Nigeria nation, taking cognizance of Christian-Muslim dialogue in Bussa.