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Title :

Shadow Actors behind Rural Banditry in Zamfara State, North- Western Nigeria

Authors :

Murtala Ahmed Rufai

Zamfara is one of the states located in North-Western part of Nigeria. It has until recently, been at the top of most Nigeria?s newspapers on the issue of cattle rustling and rural banditry. Unlike other states in northern Nigeria where the bandits operated with less sophistication, Zamfara rural banditry is completely an organized crime that involved wide range of factors and actors. This made the whole gamut of rural insecurity in the state very complex, leading to destruction of lives and properties, wanton rape and other related human right abuses. The sinister implication of this was the creation of large army of internally displaced persons and widows with an ever increasing number of desperate and destitute orphans. The preoccupation of this paper attempts to show the role of the major actors responsible for promoting and instigating rural banditry in the area. The paper does not in any way intend to study the different facets of banditry. It is only concerned with how some actors whom the paper considered as ?shadow? contributed to rural banditry.