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Umar Muhammad Dogondaji

As a writer, Henri Lopes is considered as one of the best-known representatives of Modern African literature. Sequel to the publication of his first literary work titled: Tribaliques, he won Nobel Prize of Black African Literature. After his first work, he published again his second novel titled La Nouvelle Romance published in 1976. He published in 1977, another novel titledSans Tam-Tam. This epistolary work contributes to the renewal of Romanesque writing in Africa. This peculiarity gives his novel an innovative character worthy of interest. Through this article, we want to question, through a thematic and narrative approach, the romantic art of Henri Lopes through Sans Tam-Tam. To do this, we will focus our study in four angles: The introduction, the author and his literary works, the characters of the novel, the thematic analysis and the significant of the novel as well as his stylistic techniques of writing, a prose master piece. Just like the So long letter of Mariama Ba,Sans Tam-Tam of Henri Lopes is a novel written in a letter form.