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Title :

The Sokoto Caliphate and its Concept of Resource Management: Historical Reminiscences on Caliph Muhammad Bello

Authors :

Bello Bala Diggi

One of the motives that led to the execution of the jihad led by Shaykh Uthman Bn Fodiyo on the 18th century was the question of justice and the way and manner Hausa land was governed. The issue of honesty, justice and transparency were not in the dictionary of the leadership, particularly in their relation to one another. It was either Gobir or Kebbi fighting Gobir or Zamfara, cohesion was minimal even though there was one alliance or another among them, but the ordinary bore the brunt of the problems. It is against this background, the Sokoto scholars, preached, wrote, taught as well as fought the jihad. Muhammad Bello on ascension indicated the relevance of honesty and transparency, in his writings he also practically showed exemplary leadership in the management of human and material resources, throughout his twenty years of leadership. He is not only honest and transparent in leadership, but innovative in many ways. This paper will look into his human and material management of resources particularly as it pertains to education, agriculture, health together with sedentrization of communities both nomadic and agriculturalists.