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Title :

Translation and Modern Technologies: An Appraisal of Some Machine Translation

Authors :

Z.M. Zayyanu & A. M. Takalafiya

In the 21st century and in this challenging world, Technology is not an option but a necessity. Computers are used in many aspects of modern translation particularly for technical texts. Translation technology is a new field of interdisciplinary study lying between Computer-Based Program and Translation. The task is carried out with the aid of a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and Terminology Management Tools (TMT): document creation, terminology data based and telecommunications which involves Internet, web browser and E-mail. This paper therefore, examines a variety of Computer web-based applications and software specially designed for translation tools for translators with special reference to Trados and Systran. Special emphasis is on the importance of Modern Technology in translation using Machine Translation (MT).Thus, the article concludes that it is important in present day time to involve MT) in translation.