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Title :

7- Firqatu al- khawarij: Tarikhi nasha,atihim wa usulihim al- aqadiyah

Authors :

Mal. Salihi Ashiru Musa

Al-Khawarij is a name that is used to refer to those came out from group of the fourth successors of the Prophet (May Allah be pleased with Him) and said that their departure on Ali is the reason for calling them by this name (Al-Khawarij); A fascinated through history with the statement of their differences with the Sunnis and Muslim Community. The paper discusses the importance of unity between the Islamic nations and the problems of division among Mulsim Ummah. The student also presents an analytical descriptive approach in order to prove the truth in its origin ? using the basic sources written by Kharijites scholars or scholars who are not keen or judging the Kharijites unjustly. This research shows objectivity in its analysis as it is expected, after studying their doctrinal principles and origin as well as analysis of their statements and the statements of researchers around to establish the installment in two parties.