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Title :

Gold Mining Activities in Zamfara State, 1996-2016

Authors :

Atiku Abubakar

Mining activities have been going on in Zamfara State for a long time. People of the state and many others from different parts of the country and even from neighboring countries participate actively in these activities. The paper examines mining activities that produce gold. In this paper, discussions are centered on gold digging by traditional gold diggers and modern method of mining by licensed corporate miners. Economic and social effects of mining activities to individuals, and health hazards faced by the people and efforts of Zamfara State and Federal Government to remedy the hazards are also discussed. Historical method of enquiry is applied ingathering materials for this paper. The paper finds out that gold from Zamfara State is exported to some countries there by contributing to international market and world economy. Traditional method of mining could be improved and both traditional and modern methods of gold mining in Zamfara State could improve the revenue of the state and the federal government if properly regulated.